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Hi, I’m Michael T. Eckhardt, and I’m a huge fan of everything related to Miami sports. That being said, I’ve lived in Florida for the past twenty-something years, and I really like living here. The weather is great, the beach is just a few minutes away, and the sports scene is very active year-round. For someone whose life revolves around sports and the outdoors, the Miami area is paradise.

I’ve been working as the CEO of a boutique IT consulting firm for the past seven years, and I’ve been lucky to catch the Florida economic boom at the right time. It’s also been great to witness some of the most epic moments in Florida sports, such as the Miami Heat’s three championship runs. Game Five of the 2006 NBA Finals was very special to me, as I was seated just a few rows behind Mark Cuban when he started throwing a fit. To be fair to Cuban, though, he might have had a point about Dwyane Wade’s 25 free throws. But I guess those free throws were also a product of Wade’s ability to take it strong to the basket.

After the 2006 Finals, I was also on hand to witness the 2012 and 2013 Finals. I have to admit that the Spurs had the Heat on the ropes in 2013, and Tim Duncan was an absolute beast. Good thing LeBron James stepped up in Games 6 and 7, leading the Heat from a 2-3 series deficit. While LeBron has strength and athleticism that’s out of this world, the Spurs were a very disciplined team that played a very intelligent game. In the end, LeBron showed that he wasn’t just a raw talent; he was already on an entirely different level. He showed that he had that killer instinct in him, and that clutch jumper will always be remembered by fans of Miami sports.

Stories like LeBron’s have always inspired me. I might not have been a stud athlete in high school, but I kept on pushing myself when it came to workouts and practice. LeBron James, for all of his physical gifts, works very hard on his game, even during the off-season. In my line of work, there is no off-season; one has to constantly look for ways to improve. That is the mindset I’m trying to instill in Sunshine State Consulting – you’re only as good as your last game (or project, as the case may be).

In my work with underserved communities in the Miami area, I keep on encountering people who possess untapped potential. I’m not in the business of blaming the city government for their condition, but I believe that the homeless and the immigrants should have the same opportunities as everyone else. This is why I founded the Michael T. Eckhardt Sports Foundation and the Bimini Ballers AAU program – instead of looking for blue-chip, four- to five-star recruits for my team, I’m looking for untapped potential that’s just waiting for the right breaks and opportunities to shine. They might not have LeBron James’ sheer talent, but they can develop his dedication and hard work. If things don’t pan out for them in sports, the discipline they learn will serve them well in other areas of life.

Join me in my advocacy of developing character through sports. Watch out for more updates on Miami sports and the Bimini Ballers AAU program on this website. This is Michael T. Eckhardt, welcoming you on board!

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